Artwork by A Taut Line

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  1. Your Whole Style
  2. Roses XVI

Somewhat out of sync with the usual seasonal sun-kissed releases of the summer, we are excited to present two sweat dripping neo-industrial belters from new artist project Messiah Syndrome.

The tweaked out mechanical electro pressure of Your Whole Style makes for an intriguing and off-kilter A Side. Motoric drums carry a tottering analog Yamaha bassline through waves of breathy dub-echo eupnea, narrowly dodging the falling battery of digi-metal stabs. Front 242, Killing Joke et al inspiration is infused with a dash of a Unity Sounds kind of lexicon to help create the standout barbiturate-induced atmosphere of the track.

Roses XVI is a heavy EBM-techno workout fit for Lourdes divination-raves. Driving and relentless chrome percussion wrestles with a pounding bassline in a cage lined with Anglo-Dutch 90s arp work. Intense, a bit trancey, quite probably the hardest thing we’ve ever released, Messiah Syndrome executes compelling but clammy dark wave certainly not suitable for family barbecues.

  • Release: 2018-07-13
  • Label: Diskotopia
  • Format: Digital Download & Stream
  • Artwork by A Taut Line
  • Mastered by Nick Barron

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